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    March Presets - WaO

    Here's a quick calculator to estimate your Preset 1:
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    What are we playing these days?

    No, but it helps. Can be played with keyboard and mouse, or even an Xbox/PS4 controller
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    What does KITR mean, anyway?

    KITR stands for Koalas In The Rain, because much like the venerable koala, we don't give any fucks. If you're still confused, I'll let Zefrank1 explain:
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    What Up!?

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    New Discord Server

    For those who don't already know, we are moving from the old KITR Discord to a new, more active Discord, with a great group of mobile gamers I've been playing with for a while now. With this move, the new Discord will become the official KITR Discord, and KITR will move from being a PC only...
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    New Feature: Discord Integration

    Our forums and Discord server are now integrated! For new members, this means you can register on the forums using your Discord account, and for existing forum members, you can link your Discord account in the "Connected Accounts" section of your profile. We will be adding new features very...
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    New Feature: Auto Embedded Media

    Yep. Should work for most all media I'll just leave this here
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    What are we playing these days?

    Right on. I'm really hoping to get a wing going in Elite Dangerous, do some bounty hunting and shit.
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    Timed Attacks

    A Timed Attack is when multiple players coordinate their attacks to land at the same time. By doing this, all their armies fight together to take out the enemy target. In order to coordinate the attack, one player should be the leader for that attack. The leader will post the target and call...
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    What are we playing these days?

    Haven't been on the PC a lot lately, but things may be settling down. Whats good these days? I'm looking at getting back into SWTOR. Anyone interested?
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    New feature: Gamer Profiles

    Glad you like it!
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    New year, new forum, new members

    Welcome to the new forums, KITR! I hope 2019 is treating you all well. Up till now, KITR gaming has been primarily PC gamers, and we've had a lot of fun with it. However, with this new forum, we will be looking to include all gamers, whether youre about PC, console or mobile gaming. Make...
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    New feature: Gamer Profiles

    Hey guys, Check out the Edit Profile section, you'll now see an option to add gamer tags and more to your profile! Currently the following are supported: Steam PlayStation Xbox Discord Twitch Mixer YouTube To view someone's gamer tags and social networks hover over (or tap on mobile) their...
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    What Up!?

    Welcome to the new forum, brother. Don't forget to post that Twitch URL 😉