SOS setup!


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Jul 11, 2019
I'll try to make this extremely simple. I know translation can be crazy but here I go...

The setup will alter depending on march size and tier troop level.

So for example: 180,000 march size and tier 9 troops-
70k tier 9 infantry
80k tier 9 mages
Fill with strongest tier Angel's

Another Example: 230k march size and tier 10 troops
80-100k tier 10 infantry
90-100k tier 10 archers or mages
Fill with strongest tier Angel's

You can adjust where needed for your march but that's the basic setup. Only send those three types. YOU DO NOT NEED THE 1 ODD/EVEN TROOP WHEN USING SOS.

I'll be attaching a few screenshots of my recent SOS I did with my c34 against 400k troops and only had 17k wounded.
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