Void War Rules and Reminders


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Feb 27, 2019
North Carolina
Hey everyone. I will be going over the plan for Void Wars and also some guidelines that we need to stick to. Just a quick rundown of what to expect at the start of Void and into the 24 hours during the battle phase. We have cleared our inactive members at the start of KE.

Our plan is to remain in NTP during Void Wars but can jump to other alliances within 808 to help rein attacks. Before we decide to leave NTP to rein, we will check the alliance and see if anyone is in the other realm. If they are, we will not jump as we will not be able to leave that alliance until the member in the other realm returns to 808. We will only rein attacks where we have rein numbers in a favor to win the battle and take the least amount of wounded troops as possible. This will help reduce long troop healing times and keeps us all in the fight longer. So look for leadership to give the “go ahead” to rein, don’t just send.

NTP will stay open for others to join and help if we are under attack. This is why it is always important that no one ports to the realm we are fighting with unless clearing it first with Striker or one of the R4’s. You should never port to the other realm alone, you will be a sitting target with no one around to help if it’s needed. If you are ported, stay online in case you are needed to come back to 808 quickly. This means no shielding up and sleeping or being offline while in the enemy realm. No exceptions to this at all.

So I’d like to give the rundown of what our plan is for our Void as we will take a different approach and be more aggressive this time.

First and foremost, there will be no attacks on any 808 alliances from us during the battle phase of Void War. We may have to attack 808 who are at risk to give up points. That will be determined when it arises. We solely focus on the realm during Voids. We have a port to 845 planned after the start of Void. Bilko is getting together a second port around the 11:00-12:00 server time range. If you decide to port, expect to be there for a few hours.

When we port, use a 2 hour peace shield BEFORE porting and then port to the enemy realm. This prevents a speed hit from happening on you with all your troops home. Get your marches sent to others as rein to get under hospital cap. Once everyone is ready to attack, we will drop shields and start attacking. While we are ported, we have to be quick and efficient. Whoever is leading will scout and share targets for times. Do not start scouting, don’t not start sharing cords. ONLY SHARE CORDS OF ONE OF US GETTING ATTACKED. Not scouts or cool castle skins. Have your presets set and ready. If you ready up, make sure you are ready because we base attacks off of members joining in. Most attacks will be TA’s so let’s be clear. If you leave earlier than 2 seconds ahead of the lead march, RECALL. Don’t need to be told to do so. If you are late, time your speed to match the lead march or speed in when battle starts. Let’s keep jokes and chatter down, don’t share battle reports after. We were all there so we know. This sounds strict but this is when we need to be as smart and composed as possible.

Do NOT shield up and send all your troops out to rein multiple castles. It is any easy way for multiple hits to happen and you end up filling up the hospital and taking losses. So bubble and 1 rein out to a teammate. We also want to keep a rein march home at ALL times in case of an attack. This way we can speed rein when ready.

There will be absolutely NO resource gathering to be done during the battle phase of Void war. The other realm will target tiles and elites so we will be keeping off of either of them. If there is anyone on a resource tile or elite tile, you will be removed from the alliance and potentially burned to prevent points given to the opposing realm. No messages and no excuses.

Lastly, STAY UNDER HOSPITAL CAP AT ALL TIMES. I can’t emphasize this enough. Do not leave points in farms or alt accounts and farms as well. I left this for the last topic because it is extremely important. This goes back to logging off and using a bubble. Don’t log off unshielded with 200k troops home because that’s your hospital capacity. That is just points to give away during a hit, even if you don’t take any losses.

Let’s stay alert, be prepared, be focused, and execute our plan. Our goal is to not give up easy deaths and points while being smart and vigilant.

Always remember, when we rein an attack, we SPEED REIN when swords come up after battle starts. Do not send rein early unless otherwise instructed. This was our enemy has no time to recall march.

I personally want to see more fighting participation from quite a few members here. Remember that we are fighting to keep 808 alive every time Void War comes around. We all notice the same ones who shield the entire time and don’t assist during the battle phase, it is noticed and does not go unseen.

We want everyone to continue to enjoy this experience and also learn lot in the process. So let’s get ready for war, let’s show 845 who we are and what we are made of 808 💪.